Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick Days for SAHMs

I really wish that Stay At Home Moms got sick days. Or, sick days off, as my husband corrected me - we get plenty of sick days. We take care of everyone else, but when we are down, who takes care of us? No one. And the world at home doesn't stop or even slow down on our account.

Two winters ago our household was hit with the stomach flu. Both of my children were throwing up and a day later, so was my husband. It must have been Divine Intervention that kept me from getting the same bug because even being around all three I never got sick. If I had been stricken too, who would have cleaned up all of the messes, done the dozens of loads of laundry, and administered the saltines and ginger ale? My family got a break, having their care-giver not get sick too. I got anything but a break.

But why don't these breaks ever come our way? Why couldn't it have snowed the last time I woke up feeling too horrible to get out of bed. Maybe then my husband could have stayed home from work and taken care of things. Such is the plight of the SAHM. I woke up this morning feeling like crap only to hear two kids screaming that they were hungry . . .

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