Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello, "My name is . . ."

I've been working on teaching my children some real manners. More than just the "please" and "thank you" manners. My latest push has been properly introducing yourself when meeting someone new. I distinctly remember my Grandmother being on this same kick when I was a child. She wanted us to shakes hands, make eye contact and say "How do you do?" I always felt that "How do you do?" was a little dated and goofy, but I guess this was coming from her generation. I am just trying to get my boys to at least shake hands, make eye contact, and say "Hello, my name is . . ."

So, practicing what I preach, allow me to introduce myself. I'm The Main Line Mom, a "Stay at Home Mom" of 2 boys, ages 5 and almost 3. I've been married for just about 9 years to a man I've dated since High School. We live in a swanky suburban area of Philadelphia (also known as The Main Line) dotted with beautiful estates - I live in the average sized house down the street from said estates.

Let me preface anything that will follow with: there was never any question for me that I would stay home with my children and I have no desire to rejoin the workforce right now. That being said, I've just started to really notice how ridiculous my once sophisticated adult life has become and I'm struggling a little with it. I don't know why it has taken 5 years for this to surface. Maybe it was adding the second kid into the mix? Or maybe, my kids are older than infants now, and I finally have a moment here or there to realize my frustrations. Before, I was just trying to survive Motherhood at any cost.

Whatever the case, I have really been inspired to write about it. I tuned into abc's sitcom "In the Motherhood" and then poked around on their website and it got me going. I'm not promoting the show itself as an award winning comedy (just yet, I will give it a few more episodes). But, I do really honor the premise of the show - Motherhood is its own crazy funny thing. Sometimes I find myself just laughing because I don't know what else to do. I shared a few of my stories on the In the Motherhood website and soon realized that sharing life's "funny moments" may make them actually funny. And so here I am, ready to share . . .

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