Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yes, I'm talking about practice. I'm talking about practice and how much of my life is spent, maybe wasted, watching practice. I'm not talking about a game, I'm just talking about practice. With two kids involved in probably too many activities, I find myself spending hours sitting and watching; sitting and waiting - for practice to be over. There's swimming on Mondays, Spanish and indoor soccer on Tuesdays, and choir on Wednesday. I could go on with the tennis, outdoor soccer, and t-ball, but I think you get the idea. There seems to be some portion of my day, everyday, that is spent sitting idly because I had to escort my children somewhere for practice.

I suppose some would say I'm fortunate that I'm able to take my kids to these activities and watch them. And, I guess if you've never had the opportunity to watch your kids in action you might wish you had my privilege. But, the novelty of this privilege has certainly worn off, a few hundred hours ago. And now I wonder what kinds of great things I could be doing instead of sitting in a folding chair somewhere in a dingy gym or pool.

Of course I don't just sit there. I read, I check email, and sometimes I even blog on my phone. But, I only do these things because I'm confined; I have lots of other things that actually need to get done, like dinner. I've become addicted to Facebook and Twitter and I blame practice. Extracurricular activities should keep you off of the web, but that would be if we were talking about practice for me. I'm still talking about practice for my kids. But, I'm just talking about practice. I love being home with my kids otherwise and it doesn't ever seem like a waste of time to spend my day with them. I don't even mind most of the sacrifices I make for them every day. Now, if only I could remotely make dinner while sitting at practice.

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