Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Child

Dear Child,

I am not a tree, but you keep climbing on me. I am not a rope, but you keep pulling, swinging, and hanging on me. I am not a tissue, but you keep rubbing your nose across my shirt. I am not a trash can, but you keep handing me your empty wrappers. I am not a pillow, but you keep laying on me. I am not a door mat, but you keep stepping on me.

I am none of these things, but all of these things to you because I am your mother. Today you told me that you weren't going to love me anymore. I know you were angry and you were trying to hurt my feelings because you were hurt. Its okay. But you don't know yet that these words don't hurt. I am your mother and I put up with all of these things because I love you. If I can withstand all of your climbing and pulling on me, I can withstand your words. I am your mother and will do all of these things and more. I am your mother and I will always be your tree.

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